A Birth Story: Maia Sofía

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Today I want to share Maia’s birth story, this is the best day of my life.
We welcomed our Maia Sofía Quiñones on August 2 2015 at 3:51am. She weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches long.
Thank God my pregnancy was healthy. Trough out my pregnancy I read a lot about pregnancy and labor because I wanted to have a labor with no unnecessary medical procedures. I really wanted to have a natural labor. I decide to hire a Doula because I wanted to have a support on my pregnancy and labor. The support of my Doula and husband was indispensable in this process.
                As my due date was nearer I became anxious asking myself when the baby would come. I have to admit I got crazy ideas in my head. I asked myself if my water could break in public or if I was going to be capable of feel the contractions. Many people advised of drinking tea to induce labor but I never did that. I was still waiting. Our bodies are perfectly designed and the baby is who make the decision. My due date came and I couldn’t believe I had 40 weeks. That day passed and August arrived and I was still asking myself if the baby would come any time, without having clue that day the contractions would start.
                Around 7pm after my Doula visited me at my house, the contractions started. We went for a walk around my street and the contractions wouldn’t go away. This was an indication that the time had come. I remember when each contraction came my dear husband whisper to my ear that our daughter was about to arrive. When the contractions were nearer we called my Doula telling her that is was go time. We started at my house and then left to the hospital.
                The night was eternal. The contractions were more intense which they reminded me that I was very close to meet my daughter. I thought a lot of time of giving up and to start screaming like crazy but I was so close. After my water broke almost immediately I felt the desire to push and then our daughter was born. I couldn’t believe I was a mother and that little angel was ours.
                During this process my Doula and husband were an extraordinary support. Without them I was not going to be able to have the beautiful labor I had. From my mouth I can never say that giving to birth is something horrible (as I often hear). I cannot call horrible the day my daughter was born. When I look my daughter it reminds me about how fragile life is but how wonderful it can be.


August 2nd, 2015 will be forever a special day to us.

Maternity Shoot: Part 2

Today I’m sharing with you my second maternity shoot this time with Mr.Hubby. As my due date gets near we feel very anxious on when Baby Quiñones is going to make her appearance.

Happy Saturday!

Pregnancy Talk

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Today I have decided to share with you a few things about my pregnancy. Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks. These weeks has been the longest, we can’t wait for our baby girl to arrive.

Mr.Hubby is super caring, it was him who had the suspicious I was pregnant, but I was in denial. He decided to bought some pregnancy home test. When I got up in the morning I did the test. I was so surprised when I saw the two lines. Immediately I woke up hubby and both went to get blood test done. Definitely, it was a positive.

We secretly hoped for a boy. A boy was going to be something really different for me since I grew up with my sisters. We weren’t expecting to be parents this soon. We wanted to wait at least one more year. I didn’t feel ready to be a mom but if this baby was coming to us it was for a reason.

One advice I hate that I get mostly from family members is “don’t get the little girl “engreida”. Which is a spanish word for a baby who cries to much because it wants to be carried by her/his mother. I mean how could I not hold my baby in my arms! My heartbeat is the only thing she is familiar with since that’s what she been hearing inside me. One advice I appreciate is when some people tell me to do the opposite thing, hold her, love her and give her kisses since they grow up really fast.

Maternity clothes: I only bought 2 pants and 2 jeans, so that’s all maternity I wear. I mostly wear some of my old clothes and dresses.
Stretch marks?: Yup! I tried to fight them with coconut oil but some made an uninvited appearance. 
Sleep: These last weeks I have been suffering from insomnia.
Best moment of the week: Was to know that our baby girl is in position.
Miss anything?: Sleeping on my belly.
Movement: Lots. Baby girl maybe will be a ballerina or soccer player.
Food cravings: I’ve been craving mostly chocolate and lemonade.
Labour signs: oh yes! When I feel those signs I get a mixed feelings, scare and happiness.
Belly button in or out?: Definitely out
Happy or moody most of the time: Most of the time I’m happy
Looking forward to: My baby girl’s birth.

Happy Thursday!

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