Financial Printable Kit

Financial Printable Kit

Many times when we spend money and then check our accounts we tell: Where did my money go? Guilty! I sometimes don’t know in what I spend it. New Year’s is a great step for many of us to set new goals. This year my husband and I want to spend more wisely our money and keep track of it. That’s why I created a Financial Printable Kit for all of us. 

Who is going to manage finance in marriage is almost not discussed between couples before marriage. Among husbands we often hear that women spend all of their money. But, to the husband who says his wife is the poorest money manager in the world, I would say, “Look in the mirror and meet the world’s poorest teacher-trainer” (Marvin J. Ashton).

With no further due, I want to give some tips for financial success. You may not have a lot of money right now, but learning how to take care of money now can keep you out of financial problems in the future.Although there is no set way to manage your money, there are set principles to guide you.

1- Spend less than you earn

Many people think the key to having more money is making more money. But more often than not, the more money they make, the more they spend. You’ll save more by spending less, and that takes discipline. Keep a small limit on your credit card. And try not to buy things on credit when you’re upset or not in the right frame of mind to evaluate your spending. The interest you’ll pay can really hurt.

2- Learn to distinguish between wants and needs.

Take a moment to think about the things you cannot physically survive without: water, food, clothing, shelter. Most often, the problem is not that we need more, but that we want more. It’s okay to buy things you want, but when your wants come before your needs, it’s easy to fall into debt.

3- Learn how to work

If you want to be financially stable, be willing to work.

4- Pay yourself

To be ready for the unexpected, regularly save some money.

5- Get an education

Generally, the more education employees have, the more they get paid. Or learn something that not many people know how to do and get paid for it.

6- Follow a budget

Finally, create and follow a budget—a spending plan. Though this may seem a little overwhelming at first, making a budget is easier than you think, and if you follow it, it will give you more financial freedom.


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financial printable kit

5 online shopping tips

5 online shopping tips       If you being following me from a long time or if you get to know me personally you will quickly see that I do a lot of online shopping. It could seem like something simple but many times it is not. That is why today I want to share with you 5 online shopping tips specially for this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The internet is very beneficial, but inside of it there are people that could harm us and when it could harm our money we should be cautious.

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1- Compare on different places

          When you are looking for a product compare prices in different places. To how many of us it has happen that we buy a product and then we find that same thing cheaper in other place. The advantage of Black Friday is that store’s shopper are available before the events starts. Even some online stores starts their offers early. This way we can plan our purchases. But, don’t only compare between stores, compare online too.

2- Never leave the coupon code space in blank!

     Never, but never leave the coupon code space in blank. This is a way we can save either with free shipping, 10% or 20% discount. Many stores have coupons available and if we don’t look for them we will never know. Stores like Bath and Body Works give to their clients coupons when they make a purchase (I have some saved for Black Friday). Pages like let you know coupons available in any store.

3- Read reviews

     When you are about to make a purchase online or in-store read reviews. This way you can be more confident about your purchase. 3 ways you can look for reviews are: First, read reviews online. Pages like Amazon or Sephora already have a review below the item or use Google if where you are about to make a purchase doesn’t offer reviews. Second, read a well trusted magazine like Consumer Reports. Lastly, as a friend or neighbor who really knows about you want to buy. Important purchases like cameras, TVs or appliances is super useful to ask other person.

4- Don’t assume a door buster offer is a great offer

      Many of us has seen a ridiculously cheap price on an article. But, is it really worth it? Don’t fell on buying a cheap article if it’s quality is not the best just to save some bucks. It is best to spend a little more and take home a quality article that last. On the long term you may be spending more.

5- Use familiar pages

     When we buy online we should be really careful in where we purchase. If we search through a search engine chances are that we may find a not so trusted site. All of us know big retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy or Toys R Us (just to mention a few), chances are that we are not going to be scammed and they are trusted retailers. During Christmas scams are more often, so be sure of the page you are in. Check this page from McAfee about the 12 scams of Christmas

    Christmas is a time to share with family. If you decide to buy online make your purchases only through trusted web pages. Search deals on different pages and use coupons to save. It is great to always save a little. Enjoy Black Friday! and remember these 5 online shopping tips if you decide to make your purchases online. 

xo, Yulissa

Father’s Day Guide

Father's Day Guide

Father’s Day Guide: Baseball Cap // Watch // Belt // Shirt // Loafers // Jeans // Sunglasses // Tie // Wallet // Sneakers //

Father’s Day is near. Correspondingly I bring you today the Father’ Day Guide. Because Dad deserves the best. So then, this upcoming Father’s Day upgrade Dad’s closet. Today I bring 10 stylish items to upgrade that special dad’s closet. My husband loves to be in short sleeve shirts. So, to me that is a must. 

Porque papá se merece lo mejor, este próximo día de Padres dale un upgrade al closet de papá con estas 10 piezas.

xo, Yulissa



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