Sparkle, sparkle…!!!

         It´s Christmas time! and I´m obsessed with glitter nail polishes. I went today to Walgreens and found these two beautiful, sparkly sparkle nail polishes. I quickly grab them with no doubt. Even the cashier love them and she opened and I was like: Seriously! are you going to use it, I’m going to pay for that I thought she was going to test it and didn’t tell her this I only thought this. These are Milani nail polishes, It cost me around like $5.So here they are:

       When I saw this Milani nail polish I instantly thought of this deborah lippmann nail polish. They are pretty similar.

My Christmas wishlist

So… This is my Christmas wishlist. I´ve been looking for a nude handbag everywhere and I can find nada,0 !!! Let´s see if I’m lucky this Christmas. Some weeks ago I went to TJMaxx and I saw a leopard loafers and I didn’t bought them, ugh! I regret that decision now I want them. I’m going shopping this weekend let´s see if I can find all the things I want. Also, I want a new digital camera because the one I have is soooooo old!Oh well! 
                       Merry Christmas!!!

{ Me }


    Who Am I? I can describe myself in two words: UNIQUE & SIMPLE. I was born and I live in Puerto Rico. I love fashion and makeup! Right now I am a collage student majoring in English teacher. I am a really happy person I’m always smiling. My obsessions are Handbags and Heels. Ugh! I’m so weak! I’m a “mormon”, dress modestly and I do it in a fashionable way. Oh! and also I’m engaged. 
    I created this blog just to have fun and show you who really am I.
                                                    Yuli     😀

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