It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Wow!! I have miss blogging! It has been only 6 days but feels like an eternity. I have not feel well lately, so that’s why I stopped blogging. Any Who! Today I was wrapping some gifts. And I made this cute gift bow made of gift wrapping paper. Learn how to do it here. It turned out so beautiful.

This is a very original way to wrap and adorn your gifts. 
  Let me talk about these cute gift tags I found it here. I loved them. I found this gift wrapping paper in Marshalls. There’s a lot blogs that give us ideas for wrapping gifts. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Buckle up.!

  Yesterday I went to the mall with my fiancee just to get this boots. When I got there and saw them I fell in love xD. But something happened. This was my conversation at the store:

                          me: Oh! there they are! I like them a lot (the boots). You like it bby?
                          fiance: What? Which one? Those? They are ugly!!
                          me: What? Really? You think so?
                          fiance: Yes, I like these one better
                          me: I thought What they are ugly! and say to fiancee: But I like them
                         fiance: They are ugly, they are not your style
                         me: 0_O

                    Ugh!! I got so mad we left the store quickly. I wanted them so bad. I even didn’t talk to him for like an hour. That was the reason we went to the mall to get those boots. But today my mother went to the mall. So I told her: GO buy them! and she did.

                                                            They are so comfy

                                                      Boots: Charlotte Russe

Oh, Christmas Tree!!

For me Christmas time without a Christmas tree in my house is doesn’t feel like Christmas. My mom and I pull up this tree I think before Thanksgiving. Insane, right? We love Christmas here in my house.Each year we decorate the tree with different colors. This time we decorate it with Christmas colors red, green and gold. My mom put some candy canes in the tree, lets see how long they will be there.

This is the nativity set we have under our tree.

Merry Christmas!

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