Surviving Disney with toddlerSurviving Disney with Toddler

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Disney might be the happiest place on Earth but truth is there can be situations that can make our happiness go away in an instant. Many “recommend” not taking your babies or toddlers to Disney for reasons they understand. I decided to take my 22 months old daughter to the happiest place on Earth, and that’s why I decided to share with you surviving Disney with toddler.

1- Preparation

Preparation is the key in order to make your vacations a success surviving Disney with toddler. Prepare mentally for possible long wait lines, heat or rain, crowds, people who walk slow, your favorite ride being closed, and many other reasons. If you are prepared nothing can disturb you! Plan your day at the park, what are you going to eat, and if you will be on a budget plan how much you can spend each day.

2- Familiarize them

The moment we decided to go to Disney, I asked my self how can I prepare my daughter? I was terrified by the idea of her being afraid to Mickey or not liking the rides. That moment I knew I wanted to familiarize her with Disney. During all those months she saw many times Mickey Club House,we bought her Mickey or Minnie merchandise like toys or clothes. The most important thing was buying Disney’s Sing Along Disneyland Fun dvd. This DVD is full of music with a full day at the park. There she could see how Mickey and Minnie really looks likes. I repeated this so many times! You won’t regret buying it. Also, you will recognize many songs the day you visit Magic Kingdom. Her excitement seeing Mickey for the first time was worth repeating that DVD over and over again.

3- Snacks, snacks and more snacks

Take your little one’s favorite snacks so they can munch something through out the day. Don’t forget refreshing snacks like fruits. They will be so entertain looking around and eating their favorite snacks. This also will help into not letting out their hangriness (hunger + angriness).

4- Use Baby Center

In all Disney parks there are Baby Centers. This places are a paradise in the middle of caos. It is super quiet, it has commodities for kids and most important, air conditioner. They have spacious places to change baby’s diaper, high chairs to eat, microwaves, food for babies, and if you are a breastfeeding mama they have a private room with comfy chairs to breastfeed and put the baby to sleep.

5- Don’t forget your stroller!

If you can take your stroller with you, do it!. This will help you to move the baby around (of course!), carry backpacks (if you have the space), and a place for your baby to rest. Most importantly, you can save money! Each park has a stroller rental that can be quite expensive if you go to all parks. We forgot ours (oops..) but fortunately we borrowed one.

6- Use FastPass and Rider Switch

Fastpasses allow you to skip the long lines beating all the crowd. That feeling of having a fastpass is the best. Benefit from this while using it for the popular rides. For example, at Magic Kingdom I used a Fastpass for meeting Mickey at Town Square Theater. On the other hand, Rider Switch is another great benefit. You may stay with the baby while others make the line, once they ride, you may go through the fast pass line with other two people. This was a huge advantage for my husband and I at Animal Kingdom’s Pandora.

7- Go to the Hub Grass

This was my fave spot in all Magic Kingdom. Is a garden right in front of the castle. You can get the best photos of the castle, and family pictures without crowds. It’s a great spot to chill and relax. The two days we visited Magic Kingdom a stop at the Hub Grass was a must.We relaxed, ate, and took some pictures. In fact, today’s post pics were taken at the Hub Grass. This place is not crowded, and you will love that little spot too. Plus, is a great space for little ones to run around.

In top of all these things the most important part is, don’t forget to have fun. Situations will always occur but our attitude toward those situations makes a huge difference. Don’t forget to take tons of pics. Maybe your baby won’t remember but momma will never forget that little face of seeing Mickey for the first time or dancing at the parade. If you want to take your baby or toddler to Disney do it! Remember preparation is the key for success while surviving Disney with toddler.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find these tips super useful. Have you been to Disney with a toddler or are you planning to? I will gladly answer any question. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s part two of this Disney series.

xo, Yulissa

Surviving Disney with Toddler

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  1. steph parrell
    June 26, 2017 at 1:46 pm (5 months ago)

    Aww what an adorable child! I have never been but I can imagine going with a child to be magical. Great advice 🙂


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