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I’m always looking for new and great products to fulfill Maia’s needs. I look for the best products available and always doing a background research. I am very concerned of her delicate skin. Today I want to share with you Maia’s Baby Top 5 Products. These are my favorites and the ones I will totally buy again.

Johnson's Baby Wash

For bath time I use Johnson’s extra moisturizing baby wash. I love this wash because is really creamy and I can use it all over her. It is really is mositurizing and hasn’t dry out Maia’s skin. I love that is tear free. The wash I used first with her wasn’t tear free so I had to be extra careful. 

HIP Peas curl tamer

For her hair I use Hip Peas Curl Tamer. Maia’s hair is curly so I want to take care of her beautiful locks. I use this balm because is paraben, sulfate and petrochemical free. It really maintains Maia’s curls tamed and hydrated. 

Jack n' jill toothpaste

For teeth brushing time I use Jack N’ Jill Natural toothpaste. It is a fluoride, preservatives free and all natural ingredients toothpaste. So it is safe to swallow. Maia loves this and in fact if I let her she could just eat it. As I manage how I could brush her teeth, I know she enjoys this time.

Organic Healing Balm

Because I use cloth diaper I can’t use any type of healing balm. I used Honest Diaper Rash Cream first, which is great but had to changed it because sometimes it may stain some diapers. This organic healing balm is light but yet so powerful. A little goes a long way. It really works at healing any rash.

Baby Tous

Last but not least is this Oh so good perfume. This was actually a gift from her grandmother and it smells so great. It it very light nothing powerful. There is alcohol free version which could be great to little babies. Not that you should apply directly to their skin, I apply this over her clothes.

I hope you enjoyed our baby top 5 products and try them. What are other products you love or loved using with your little ones?

xo, Yulissa

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