Oil skin care routineI had suffer from acne since high school. I’ve used a lot of products fight it and get rid of it. Some products have worked others don’t. Of all the products I tried my favorite was and still Mario Badescu’s products and GlamGlow mask. After I had Maia my skin changed and I don’t get that many breakouts but I still have some.  I know the weather where I live affects me because when I travel to the States my skin changes dramatically.

     Today, I want to share with you my oil skin care routine. It doesn’t involve any fancy or expensive products. This is what works for me and I have seen a great change since I included oils. Not all facial oils works the same, you need to look for an oil that treat your skin concern and test it first.

     Maybe you think: my face is oily and I shouldn’t use oil. But oil is a great way to nourish skin and it won’t make it more oily. Why oils are good for our skin and why you should include it? Here’s three reasons:

1- Excellent way to get antioxidants and vitamins quickly into the skin.

2- It is lightweight and penetrates deep for a more moisture and radiant look.

3- They create a protective barrier against harsh external factors.


Dr.Bronners Tea Tree castile soap

     First, I wash my face with Dr.Bronner’s Tea Tree castile soap. This soap has numerous uses and I use it as a face wash. It really cleanse my skin from all the makeup or impurities. This has been one of the keys to get less breakouts. Tea tree is a natural antibacterial and because of that it kills acne causing bacteria.



Toner: I love Shea Moisture Africa black soap products. So, on my recent vacation trip we went to Target and I saw this toner, I immediately got it. Since using this toner my face now get less breakouts and my pores are smaller. We should always use toner because it removes traces of makeup and dead skin, and it reduces blemishes, redness and inflammation.

Dirty Works Pore-fectScrub : I love scrubs! They leave our skin so soft and clean. It gives our skin a deeper cleanse and preps it to use creams and serums. I got mind at Marshalls and I should tell you don’t underestimate the products there. Mine is from Dirty works and I love this brand. After I use this scrub my skin is refreshed . 



Mask: I love,love,love masks! Any type of mask. I am currently using more than one but I wanted to talk about the Dirty Works Detox Mud Mask because I use it more often. I got it at Marshalls as well. It leaves my skin really cleaned.



Argan oil: I use argan oil to moisture my face. I love Josie Maran Argan Oil but it is expensive. You don’t really need to spend a ton because you can get the same thing for less. Josie Maran cost $100 vs Radha Beauty $20 for 4 ounces and it works the same.



Tea tree oil: Tea tree can works as effective or better than benzoyl peroxide but is less harsh for the skin. It is an antiseptic and anti fungal which prevents acne. It penetrates the skin and dry out blemishes. The smell is a little strong though but I am used to it. Tea tree have my blemishes at bay and since I started using it I don’t suffer from consistent acne. You can find this oil here

I recently tried to change my skin care routine not because it didn’t work but because I wanted to try new products. It didn’t work. I started to breakout like crazy and switch back to my regular skin card routine. I recommend Radha Beauty oils they have a ton for everything. Try them out and you will see a difference. Some people have a 100% oil skin care routine. But I only use them to moisturize and treat.





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