As a mom of a one year old I am very concerned about her development. I want to involve her in educational activities where she can develop different skills. It is so easy to just giver her the smartphone at let her watch videos. But, I have seen how she just love to do only that. I am afraid she soon will loose educational activities so important in her development. So, that’s why today I want to bring three early fine motor skills activities. Which involves a yummy treat: Gerber Lil’Beanies

Is so amazing waiting for the milestones of crawling, standing and walking but it is equally important that our babies learn to use their hands. Let’s remember all babies develop different but there are milestones they should reach at a certain time frame. By starting early fine motor skills we are preparing our babies for future learning tasks like holding correctly a pencil.



Maia and I decided to get a delicious treat today. This way Maia learns and eat at the same time. One of our favorite snacks is Gerber Lil’Beanies. This new baked snack made from navy beans are a hit for baby and mom too. My favorite or should I say Maia’s favorite is White Cheddar and Broccoli. I have to say yes more than one time because Maia wants more. I love to see her enjoy Lil’Beanies and I feel so proud when she feeds herself.


This leads us to our first activity for Fine Motor Skill Development. One of the most significant fine motor accomplishment is the pincer grip. This is the ability to hold objects between thumb and index fingers. Lil’Beanies is the perfect snack to encourage pincer grip. I love when Maia pick ups many time a Lil’Beanie. When Maia grab objects like that always makes me smile. This way she learns to sophisticated grab and drop objects. Foods like Lil’Beanies encourage the use of pincer grip.

Fine Motor Skills

Our second activity is practicing how to hold crayons, pencils or something similar. I recently bought some crayons and chalk to introduce this object to Maia so she can get used to them. Toddlers use their arms to color and that’s totally normal. But by the time they will change their grip and is important to later change to smaller crayons. 

Our third activity is turning pages. Maia has a lot of cardboard story books and turning pages help your little one with their fine motor skills. If they love stories this is going to be a natural one. Help them to open the book, turn a few pages and then turn only one page at a time. I love seeing Maia turning the pages of her favorite book Dada.

Gerber Lil'BeniesFine Motor Skills Lil'Beanies

We went to our local Walmart and found Lil’Beanies in the baby food aisle. Maia now enjoys rides in the shopping cart at our trips at Walmart. Head to your local Walmart and try these delicious snacks for your baby. While you do that take advantage of an Ibotta offer. If you buy Lil’Beanies at Walmart you will get a cash back from your purchase through Ibotta. And that is a Win Win! 


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