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When we are decided to breastfeed our babies and we work or go to College (like my case) there are various essentials we need. If you are going to stay with the baby, then the only thing you need is yourself. 

Today I want talk to the mommys that are not with the baby all the time. The #1 thing you need in your essentials is your husband, boyfriend, partner (which ever apply) and family members to support you. It is easier to achieve this goal when the people who surrounds you, supports you.

There are several breast pumps on the market but the one I use is Medela Swing. Maybe is not the best on the market but it has worked for me. When baby doesn’t have a good latch it tends to hurt mommy’s breast. So in this case HPA Lanolin comes very helpful. It is very important to have where to storage the milk you pump. I have extra storage bottles and bags. The extra bottles comes handy when I am away from my baby the whole day and I need to pump several times. 

It is very important to use the right bottle when feeding the baby. We don’t give the baby bottle only breast, but when we are away is important to use the correct bottle so baby doesn’t confuses. Since Maia was born we have been using Mimijummi Not so hungry bottle. When feeding our baby a nursing bra is important since it facilitates getting our baby food out. 

Some other things that are optional are a Boppy. I used mine in the Hospital and the first month Maia was born. Since then I don’t use it that much. Some need nursing pads, but I have never needed them. It is important to proper sanitize our bottles and breast pump parts. I use Medela Steam bags since it super easy. Last thing, Nursing cover but this is totally optional.

What are your nursing essentials?

xo, Yulisa


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