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I already started with my Christmas shopping. I like to start early because that way I am not stressed at stores trying to find great gifts. Today I want to give some tips that I use to save and find great deals at Christmas Time. Since we are not the only one shopping sometimes it can be a little hard trying to find something we want, Let’s start.

1- Start Early!!- I always start shopping when November comes. At this time very few people are thinking about Christmas gifts. That way you can find great things and deals.

2- Subscribe- Subscribe to your favorite stores, that way you can be aware when a sale starts and you can save. But be careful! Sometimes when we see a sale we want to shop because we save but if you don’t need it we are not saving, we are spending. I am very guilty of this. Sales at stores started at Veteran’s Day. For Example, I subscribed for Carter’s emails and they got a 50% so I got Maia the bodysuits I wanted for Christmas for less. Check out this cute Christmas set from Carter’s

3- Hit stores like Marshalls- Stores like Marshalls sells designer for way less. We can find great deals in these stores. We gave a designer Christmas gift without the designer budget. For example for this Christmas I found two Butter nails polishes sets. If I bought that for the original price I would have spent approx $110. But in Marshalls I spent only $18. Now that’s a deal.

4- Check online- Check online stores like Amazon and eBay. Sometimes you can find something for less at these websites. Plus, Amazon already have black friday deals. Department stores like Macy’s and JCpenney have online deals. The advantage of this is if you don’t find something in store, you have another way online to get it. Also, don’t forget to use coupons when buying online.

5- Match up prices- Stores like Toys R Us and Baby R Us match up their online prices in stores. I bought Maia’s car seat this way. It was cheaper online but when you hit the store it was at the original price, Just make sure you have the webpage in hand and that it says you can pick it up in store.

6- Think twice about Black Friday at stores- Be careful with Black Friday deals at stores. Sometimes they offer a tempting sale but maybe isn’t worth it because: first, you have to make a long line and fight the crowds, second, sometimes the product isn’t god quality, and third we can get stressed and have a bad time. I prefer Black Friday shopping at home with my pajamas and laptop.

What are your ways to save?


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