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I like to use products with no harsh chemicals on Maia’s skin. A baby’s skin is so delicate and I don’t like those big brand names products with a bunch of chemicals. Before Maia was born I decided I wanted to use natural products with her. My first purchase before she was born was Honest diaper rash cream. I will today give you a review of why I love these products.

1- Honest diaper rash cream– I love this cream and hubby too. I always use it to prevent but one time a specific brand of diapers gave Maia a rash and with this cream it was gone quickly.

2- Shea Moisture Baby healing lotion– I use this between Maia’s rolls to keep her moisturized. It leaves her skin really soft.

3- Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap– My favorite is the lavender scent. It smells so good. I found these at Marshalls but you can find them at your local health food market. 

4- Clean Smart Pacifier Sanitizer- Maia doesn’t use pacifiers a lot but between uses I like to clean them. This spray is an easy way to sanitized them. Plus, there’s no harsh chemicals.

These are my favorite products. What are yours?

xo, Yulissa

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