This was us at the hospital after Maia was born.
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My baby girl turns 3 months old today which means 3 months had passed since I went into labor and 3 months of breastfeeding her. Many things I have learn along the way and there is still a lot more to be learned. Today I wanted to share with you my experience and 5 things I have learned during these 3 months.
1- Baby will cry- Baby will cry a lot. During the first month Maia cried a lot. I mean, she still does but I learned to manage. She literally wanted to be feed many times a day. She could finish and then five minutes after she asked for more. This just means she was building up my milk production and we were both linking up.
2- Baby does not only cries because is hungryMany people thinks with a breastfeeding baby that because she cries a lot is because she is still hungry. It could mean a lot of things. Maybe she is sleepy, is hot, wants to be held and maybe she really is still hungry. This is because I only have a small circle of 3 people that only can take care of Maia. It is sacrificing to pump milk and it is unfair to me to use a lot of that milk during one day to take care of Maia because “she was still hungry”.
3- The best position is lying on bed For me this is the best position ever! While baby is breastfed, mama takes a nap.
4- Sleeping with your baby in bed is much easierThis one can maybe be a little controversial because many think baby shouldn’t sleep with their parents in the same bed. But since I chose to breastfed Maia it is so much easier for me to have her by my side in nights. This reduces her chances to cry at night since she have her food really close and the minimal noise she do, she wakes me up.
5- Enjoy this beautiful bond and ignore the commentsThere are many misinformed people out there about breastfeeding. There is so much misinformation that really surprises me. I have learned to ignore bad comments that people tells me. During my pregnancy I educated myself and I know I’m doing a great job and I love the special bonding I have with my girl.
xo, Yulissa

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