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Today I have decided to share with you a few things about my pregnancy. Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks. These weeks has been the longest, we can’t wait for our baby girl to arrive.

Mr.Hubby is super caring, it was him who had the suspicious I was pregnant, but I was in denial. He decided to bought some pregnancy home test. When I got up in the morning I did the test. I was so surprised when I saw the two lines. Immediately I woke up hubby and both went to get blood test done. Definitely, it was a positive.

We secretly hoped for a boy. A boy was going to be something really different for me since I grew up with my sisters. We weren’t expecting to be parents this soon. We wanted to wait at least one more year. I didn’t feel ready to be a mom but if this baby was coming to us it was for a reason.

One advice I hate that I get mostly from family members is “don’t get the little girl “engreida”. Which is a spanish word for a baby who cries to much because it wants to be carried by her/his mother. I mean how could I not hold my baby in my arms! My heartbeat is the only thing she is familiar with since that’s what she been hearing inside me. One advice I appreciate is when some people tell me to do the opposite thing, hold her, love her and give her kisses since they grow up really fast.

Maternity clothes: I only bought 2 pants and 2 jeans, so that’s all maternity I wear. I mostly wear some of my old clothes and dresses.
Stretch marks?: Yup! I tried to fight them with coconut oil but some made an uninvited appearance. 
Sleep: These last weeks I have been suffering from insomnia.
Best moment of the week: Was to know that our baby girl is in position.
Miss anything?: Sleeping on my belly.
Movement: Lots. Baby girl maybe will be a ballerina or soccer player.
Food cravings: I’ve been craving mostly chocolate and lemonade.
Labour signs: oh yes! When I feel those signs I get a mixed feelings, scare and happiness.
Belly button in or out?: Definitely out
Happy or moody most of the time: Most of the time I’m happy
Looking forward to: My baby girl’s birth.

Happy Thursday!

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