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Since I am almost in the end of my pregnancy I feel now prepared to talk to you about some tips I learned about maternity clothes. There are a lot of beautiful pieces of clothing in all price ranges. I didn’t feel splurging in maternity clothing, but everyone is different. If you want to splurge in something I suggest jeans, since we wear that a lot. 

I have gather 6 tips for you that I learned while my baby bump grow bigger and bigger. 

1- Don’t run to the maternity aisle- Yup! You read right, don’t run to the maternity aisle when you find out. I mean we are very excited and everything and we are anxious to have a cute baby bump. But, for me I find out we don’t really need maternity clothes for a long time. Jeans and pants yes! We need that first. I was so impressed of how long I wore my normal clothes. Sometimes, now 9 months pregnant some of my old clothes still fit.

2- Splurge or save- One of the first things I bought was maternity pants that were on clearance. When I got them they didn’t fit since I am petite. They fit me when I was like 20 to 23 weeks. But they are the comfiest. Another thing I decided to save was on jeans. I had to buy mine online because that was the only place I found them XS. Motherhood Maternity has a lot of clearance and sales. I bought my bottoms there and if you can you should too.

3- Accentuate- During my first and second trimester it was a little hard to tell if I was pregnant or not. It didn’t really show up. What I found best was to dress with things that hug tight my body. Whenever I dressed with something loose I felt so awkward and like a balloon. I loved dressing with bodycon dresses. These type of dresses are going to be your best friends.

4- Get creative with what you have in your closet- I got so creative with what I already had. I hardly bought new pieces of clothing throughout my pregnancy. 

5- Size up!- If I bought something, I would buy normal clothes and just go a size up. But when I did this I make sure it will fit me later. I specially did this with dresses. Or you could just borrow from your mom’s or sister closet.

6- Basic are your best friends- Don’t go crazy buying maternity tops, instead buy stretchy basic tops. You could dress up or down basics and you can wear with cardigans, blazers, you name it. These camis from Forever 21 are a great option. They are comfy and stretchy and super cheap. I bought one and used it as a belly band with my jeans.

Do you agree or disagree with my tips? What other tips you had?

Happy Thursday!

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