My other passion is makeup so I’m gonna start doing once a while beauty related posts. Today I am going to takl about my top 5 favorite mascaras. I have tried a ton and I always go back to these. I never leave my house without mascara, so mascara is definitely a part of my makeup routine.
Top 5(in order of preference):
      1- Benefit They’re real!: When I wear this mascara I had actually told some people the name of the mascara. Because they have asked me if I’m wearing false eyelashes. Even my 10 year old niece asked me. This mascara makes my eyelashes look way bigger and fuller. If you want to try this I will tell you:Go for it! It is a little expensive though but is worth it.
     2- Buxom Lash: I got this mascara as a sample on Sephora and I really loved it. Once again it makes the eyelashes look bigger and fuller. I use this mascara everyday. I sometimes combine this mascara with the benefit one for a better result. I have this sample for like 6 months, I got it before the wedding and it still have product on the mascara bottle. So the big one could last me for a long time(even though we are supposed to throw it away 3 months since we began using it).
      3-L’oreal Double Extend: This mascara is awesome! If you use the serum with this mascara you will get incredibly long eyelashes. The effect of the serum takes a little bit to do its effect. I would recommend this using this with the Double Extend Boosting Serum.
     4- Covergirl Lash Blast Volume waterproof: I bought this for my wedding day, you know for the tears. This mascara is waterproof and it really is waterproof. It doesn’t come out with anything. I have to use eye makeup remover to get it off. Of this one I only like the waterproof part, it doesn’t make my eyelashes bigger(at least for my taste).
     5-Rimmel Extra wow lash– This is a very cheap mascara. I can get this at Walmart for $3. It is a good one. It make the eyelashes look bigger. It is great for the price. 
Have you tried any of this mascaras? or Which would you like to try?
Thanks for Reading!

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