So this month I’m doing the February picture challenge. I talked about it here.So far I have no forgot to take the pictures. This is a really fun thing to do ’cause you can see other people pictures via twitter. And here it is:

1. your view today– This was my view while driving to collage.
2. Words– This is a verse I love in D&C 25:2
3. Hands– My hands in the new issue of Glamour magazine
4. stranger– I took this picture while waiting in Krispy kreme
5. 10am – I took this picture at church. It was a sunny day

6. Dinner– What? You ate that for dinner. Well technically. this day I only ate two times so my third time was this. Sounds crazy!

7. Button– This are my favorite jeans sparkly sparkle buttons

8. Sun– This was today. I thought the sun was never coming out, it was rainy but then He showed up! 

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