I’m a collage student and right now is really hard to buy certain things like good and beautiful accessories. So I thought Why I don’t make my own pieces of jewelry? For me what we make is more beautiful of what we can find in stores. So I sat down and make this beautiful necklace and Im going to show you how yo do it. 

  1. Fabric
  2. Scissors
  3. beads( you can use any type of bead, but hey have to be large)
  4. Tread
  5. Needle

Cut a piece of strip from your fabric. The strip must be wider than the beads.
Fold the strip into two pleats and stitch trough. Remember leave a few inches at the end so you can tie your necklace.

After you make the two pleats, add a bead and so on, until desire length. 
At the end tie off the ends.

Yey! I love my new necklace. Did you make it?
I’ll be posting more DIY necklaces.

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