Other than Fashion, I am obsessed with make-up. When I go out I always try to look make-up-ly ( I just made that word ha!) fabulous. Mr. Fiancée always says that I look better with no make-up. But I look at the mirror and quickly get scared. Oh well! I always ( and I know you too) try to be always In. So today I bring you the trends to Spring 2012. 

     And the 1st is red lipstick or similar to red. 

  Next, Cat eyes. Ugh! I always try to get this look, I have to keep practicing!
   Next please! Bold Eyebrows. I don’t think this one is for me.
And now following…. Extreme smoky eye.
I really like this look.
    Hey, Fashioddict what is the next one? Sporty Cheeks. This is mimicking the effects of being out in the sun using, of course bronzer.

 Other look is White silver metallics. I love this look from Chanel. 

The other looks are: Pops of color, Doll lashes, Rosebud lips and Baby skin.

  What looks are your favorites? My favorite is Pops of color.

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