Dear acne,goodbye! I have lived with acne 4 years. It seems like was a short time but was really difficult. My face was ans still my biggest insecurity. It has low my self steem and sometimes made me stay at home and not looking at my self in the mirror. 

    I had tried different brands of acne product, that you know. None of this worked as I wanted. They only worked for 1 month. One day I came across with a web page that said that Honey can clear up acne. So I begin using it. And it has work I love know my acne free face. But this acne has left something behind their marks. Now this is my insecurity. So how honey works?

     According to the University of Texas Health Science Center, honey is rich with sugars and this helps to create an environment 

where bacteria cannot survive.

Honey is antibacterial

    Honey contains antimicrobial agents and according to Jennifer 
Eddy, M.D., with the University of Wisconsin, honey secretes 
hydrogen peroxide. The combination of antimicrobial agents and hydrogen peroxide helps to clear up infections that can be hard to treat by other methods. In addition, according to Organic Facts, antimicrobial agents in honey actually help to prevent infections from reoccurring or worsening and becoming cystic acne.

Honey smooths skin

Honey contains antioxidants that help to make the skin look younger and healthier. However, according to Organic Facts, the waxy part of honey helps to keep skin soft, smooth and even glowing. This advantage can help to smooth even the most irritated acne skin.

Honey cleans the skin

According to Organic Facts, the stickiness of honey helps to pull out dirt and impurities from the skin.  Honey may help to clear out blockages of the sebaceous glands and clear up infections.

  What did I did? I applied Honey everyday and leave it for 20 minutes.

Other thing that helped me was the Erno Laszlo Beta Mask. It has worked really great on my face.

  Try honey instead is cheaper and you will see great results.

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