Welcome to Sequins & Tulle

       Welcome to Sequins and Tulle. My name is Yulissa Rosario, and therefore, I am the writer of Sequins and Tulle. I am a twenty-something girl from Puerto Rico, and I am a wife, and a mother to an amazing little toddler. Sequins and Tulle is a fashion, lifestyle & mommy blog.  I called this place where fashion and motherhood meets.

As a fashion lover I love to share tips and styles, focusing on affordable fashion. Additionally, my goal is to help you find great fashion deals and inspiration. Likewise, as a first time mom, I didn’t want to left behind my love for fashion. My goal as a mom is to help other moms to feel empowered, inspired and learn new things to help their little ones. Not to mention, Sequins and Tulle have become a place for fashion lovers and moms. Here you will find fashion and beauty tips, inspiration and helpful information for your little ones.

Do you feel you are not a regular mom? I certainly feel that way many times. Therefore, I am not a regular mom, I’m a Disney mom. At Sequins and Tulle, you will find also Disney tips, and fashion. You will quickly see I much I enjoy the happiest place on Earth. 

Sequins and Tulle is a mommy blog for moms who enjoy shopping on a budget, Disney, mommy and me fashion, and being true to their selves. So, tell me if you are not a regular mom, and stick around. 

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